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Modification - 64" Height Under Slats
First, understand our Guide to Loft Bed Height
page. Then, understand that this means an
increase in loft bed height by 6".

Specifically, this means:

Height Under Slats = 64"

2) Mattress Rails Clearance = 62 1/4" for Douglas
Fir loft beds, or 62" for Red Oak Plywood loft beds.

3) Sleeping Space =

[ceiling height] -minus- [mattress thickness]
[65 1/2"]

Overall height = 80 1/4" (assuming no other
modifications or accessories
, see their descriptions
their effect on height.

If neither the standard nor this higher height
works for you, we
can customize to any height
you wish. Please
contact us.
P.O. Box 844
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Queen Loft Bed with
64" Height Under Slats