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Complete versus Slatless Option in Our Loft Beds
"Mattress Slats" = Pieces that the mattress rests on. ("Slats", for short)

Complete Loft Bed  (convenient option)

The Complete loft bed includes all pieces. Simply assemble the loft bed and add your mattress (
exceptions for
special mattresses).

Slatless Loft Bed  (budget-friendly option)

The Slatless loft bed includes all pieces
except the slats. If you're willing/able to build the slats yourself, you'll
save on your loft bed. So, it's time versus money.

Depending on lumber prices in your region, an estimate for the lumber to build the slats is about $20 (Twin) or
50 (Full or Queen). To figure your overall savings, simply find the price difference between Complete vs.
here, and then subtract this material cost.

Although the slats are excluded, we'll still

    1) Simple instructions on how to build these, including the materials list.

    Basically, you'll need to: 1) Purchase the lumber 2) Cut the lumber to length 3) Drill the screw holes.
    More info

    2) The marking template for the holes you need to drill.

    3) The bit to drill the holes.

    4) The screws to secure the slats to the loft bed.

Besides the lumber, you'll need:

    Time: 2 - 3 hours
    Tools: Chop/miter saw, hand drill (drill press preferred, click "more info" link above)

    ----> Many home improvement stores or lumberyards offer cutting service, sometimes for free. If so,
    you won't need a saw.
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