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Loft Bed Custom Ladder Options
Now, here's some serious versatility!

We can create virtually any combination of our standard ladder models, or even all three! For example,
maybe you'd like the End Built-In but also the Front Hook-On...yes, we can do it! can have double ladders within the same ladder model. For example, maybe you'd like the End
Hook-On, but with TWO ladders positioned at that same end. Facing that end, one would be on the left
and the other would be on the right.

These are just examples, but we can accommodate virtually any conceivable ladder set-up. So just use
your imagination and
contact us with your ideas!

Why might you need more than one ladder?

1) If the loft bed is for two people, having multiple ladders will allow each person to climb into bed easily
without disturbing the other person. Very popular for couples, or if you're a parent and read to your
child in bed, this would provide a stealthy escape route once he/she is asleep.

2) Having multiple ladders would allow you to block one whenever necessary (e.g. blocked by a movable
piece of furniture, like a rolling TV stand).

3) It's FUN! This is popular for kids, but could also be for the kid in you! :-)

4) You like the appearance of multiple ladders. This would most likely apply to having two End Built-In
ladders, for a more "solid" look at both ends of the loft bed.

By the way: Even if you only need one ladder, we hope this versatility indicates how well thought-out
our loft beds are, and how we strive to meet your needs. It's good to have options, even if you don't
need every single one, right?
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