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Clear Lacquer Finish For Douglas Fir Loft Beds
We use high quality "Deft" brand Semi-Gloss Lacquer (Google it, if you wish), and apply four coats by spray.

The reason for lacquering is mainly for a beautiful appearance, although it does also provide a bit of scratch
resistance (not scratch-
proof, of course...more like a sacrificial layer that can be touched up). Since the loft bed
is for indoor, climate-controlled use, longevity of the wood is a virtual non-factor (Just for analogy: Does the
framing of your house need lacquer/finish? And that may well be Douglas Fir, by the way).

Our meticulous method virtually eliminates imperfections like drips, smudges, and foreign materials (like insects,
for example) during the application process. Like all of our processes, we do it right.

NOTE: Our assessment is that there's simply no reason to lacquer completely
non-visible areas of the loft bed
(in case you disagree, just contact us for an upgrade). We just don't believe in having you pay for unnecessary
things, and so ordering the Clear Lacquer Finish means that these non-visible areas will be left unfinished: the
tops of the slats, the inside/upper areas of the Mattress Rails, and the wall-facing back face of the loft bed (Read
point #3 under "Important Notes"
here [near bottom of page there].)

COST-SAVING OPTION: If you selected the "Complete" loft bed option (includes mattress slats), you may decide
to leave the slats completely unfinished (not just the tops as described above) by selecting "Clear Lacquer
Finish -
Slatless". This means that your loft bed will still include the slats, but these will be left unfinished, while
all other pieces are lacquered (with non-visible exceptions above). The slats are the least visible parts of the loft
bed anyway, and they're also made of Hem Fir, on which the lacquer does not "shine" quite as well as it does on
the Douglas Fir.
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