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Breif Summary on Building Your Own Slats
Once you purchase the lumber, you'll need to cut them to length. Most home improvement stores and
lumberyards can do the cutting for you (usually for free, or for a minimal charge).

Once the lumber is cut, you'll just need to mark the slats for drilling and then drill the screw holes
(template and drill bit provided). This can be done with a hand drill, but using a drill press is ideal, to
make the holes perfectly straight. A drill press is a stationary drill, usually mounted to a table.

If you don't own a drill press, we recommend bringing them to a woodworker, who can do this in only
about ten minutes. They might do it for free if you're extra-friendly! If not, we can't imagine them
charging more than a few dollars. Any woodworker owns a drill press. Google "woodworker [your
location]" online, or check out Just tell them the length of the boards to ensure that
their drill press is or can be set-up to do the job.

Idea: If you wish to purchase and cut the lumber before receiving your loft bed, just email us to
request the instructions in advance. You'll have a head start, and then once the template and drill bit
arrive from us, you'll just need to mark and drill the holes.

    (This is just a preview of cut specifications. Do not purchase lumber until you read our
    instructions, which provide additional details on lumber selection.)

    Dimensional 2 x 6 lumber
    Quantity of 9 slats needed, cut at these lengths:

    Standard or Extra Long Twin: 41 13/16 in.

    Full: 56 13/16 in.

    Queen: 63 5/16 in.
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(Read "Complete versus Slatless" page first)