Loft Bed Height Issues
how it will fit height-wise. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us!

NOTE: This page assumes the standard underneath clearance of 60". If you need help with any
custom dimension, please
contact us.

Most common question: “How much space will I have between the mattress and the
ceiling?” We call this your "sleeping space". Follow the steps below to figure this out.

“Sleeping Space”
= Space between the mattress and the ceiling.
“Underneath Clearance” = Space between the floor and the mattress slats underneath. NOTE: The
clearance underneath the mattress rails (these are the two wide pieces that run the length of the bed
and hold the mattress slats) is 58 1/4" for Douglas Fir models, and 58" for Red Oak plywood models.

All measurements must be made in INCHES (convert each foot to 12”).

All Loft Bed Models (Standard 60” Underneath Clearance)

1) Measure your mattress thickness, then add this to 61 1/2”.

2) Measure your ceiling height (remember to convert to inches).

3) Do this:  [your ceiling height] -minus- [your answer from #1 above] = Sleeping Space

1) Let’s assume a mattress thickness of 8”.  So… 61 1/2” + 8” = 69 1/2”
2) Let’s assume a ceiling height of 96”
3) 96” – 69 1/2” = 26 1/2” Sleeping Space

Another issue is "guardrail height"…

“GUARDRAIL HEIGHT” = Distance from the mattress surface to the TOP of the guardrails.

Assuming any
loft bed model with standard dimensions, here’s how to figure your guardrail height:

[14 1/2”] minus [your mattress thickness] = Guardrail Height

[14 1/2”] minus [8” mattress thickness] = 6 1/2" Guardrail Height

The maximum mattress thickness allowed for our standard loft bed models is 9.5”.  This yields a
guardrail height of 5”, which is the minimum allowed to conform to Consumer Product Safety

If your mattress is thicker than 9.5”, an
extra set of guardrails is necessary to conform to Consumer
Product Safety Guidelines. In this case, your guardrail height increases by 6” (so use the equation
above, then simply add 6” to your answer).
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