NEW! - Red Oak Plywood Loft Beds
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This loft bed is made of Red
Oak plywood. This material is
slightly less costly than solid
Douglas Fir, and priced
accordingly for you!

Our goal here is to offer a
more cost-effective but still
high-quality product, so this
could be the solution for you!
Our plywood loft beds are virtually identical in design to our Douglas Fir (DF) loft beds,
but understand a few minor differences:

1) Sturdiness -

Put Simply: The plywood material is slightly less strong than DF, but still creates a very sturdy
loft bed. We incorporate some reinforcement modifications to plywood loft beds, so they are still
about 90% as sturdy as DF loft beds.

More Info: The plywood is about 15% lighter than DF, but we've also made some reinforcement
modifications to partially compensate for this, which are:

2) Appearance -

Put Simply: 1) Difference in the appearance of the materials (points a and b below). 2) A few
aesthetic details that we normally apply to DF loft beds are not applied to Plywood loft beds
(points c and d below).

More Info: See the following four differences.

So, there you have it! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


NOTE: Our classic accessories and modifications (click here, bottom of the page) ARE
available in Red Oak plywood versions. We'll add these to our website soon, but for
now, please contact us for pricing and ordering instructions.
a) The mattress rails (the wide pieces that run the length of the loft bed) and
foundations (pieces that are jointed to the inside of the mattress rails and hold the
are made 3/8" wider. This allows it to handle about the same weight as our DF
mattress rails.

b) For "End-Climb" ladder models, the ladder rungs are given wider
reinforcement pieces
. This allows it to handle about the same weight as our DF
ladder rungs.

c) For Ladder Models with the hook-on type ladder, we make the ladder legs 27%
by adding a 3/16" Red Oak plywood piece to each of these. Also, solid DF is
used for the steps
. As far as pressure on the faces of the material, solid wood is
better for this purpose. Although the steps will not exactly match the rest of the loft bed,
we choose DF that looks as similar as possible to Red Oak (considering color and grain
pattern). These modifications allow the ladder to handle about the same weight as our
DF ladders.

Photos of Red Oak plywood/DF ladder.   

Option: Using solid DF for the steps is the most cost-effective solution, but if you would
like solid Red Oak wood steps instead (to match the rest of the ladder), please
a) Red Oak versus Douglas Fir (wood faces) - These photos should be
self-explanatory, and really just a matter of opinion:

       Click photos to enlarge - Assembled bed is Red Oak plywood,
                         pieces that are
clamped on are Douglas Fir.

b) Edges - Again, you can see the difference in this photo:

 Upper piece is Douglas Fir, lower piece is Red Oak Plywood

Small voids in the edges (small black area in the lower piece) are typical in many types
of plywood, but very occasional. They're typically less than 1" long, and occur on about
5% or less of the surface of the edges. In our opinion, this characteristic is quite minor,
but worth mentioning. By now, you know how specific we like to be!
c) Screw Holes - Pieces that are permanently jointed together through our production
process create screw holes like the one shown below. For plywood models, the screws
are still countersunk into the wood (recessed below the surface), but just not filled with
wood filler as they are for DF models. In our opinion, this detracts very little from
Option: If you would like these to be filled on a plywood loft bed, please
contact us.

                     Red arrow points to recessed screw hole.

d) Grade Stamps - On the mattress slats (pieces the mattress rests on) and the
mattress rail foundations (interior pieces that the mattress slats rest on), there may be
an occasional grade stamp.

                Red arrow points to an occasional grade stamp.

On DF loft beds, these will either be sanded off or simply not visible once the loft bed is
assembled (e.g., a stamp on the TOP of a mattress slat will be completely non-visible).

On plywood loft beds, we do not sand these off, so there could be an occasional stamp
on these pieces. On average, there may be about three to four visible stamps.

Option: If you would like these to be sanded off on a Plywood loft bed, please contact

Again, regarding the stamping issue, this detracts very little from overall appearance, in
our opinion.
Queen Loft Bed (Plywood) shown here, CLICK TO ENLARGE
Pricing and ordering:

Complete Model (complete with mattress slats)

Slatless Model (mattress slats not included)
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