Mattress Slats (This description applies regardless of loft bed material.)
Simple Explanation:
If you're willing to put in two to three hours of extra legwork to build the slats, you're going to save about $85.
So, it's time versus money...

to a table), to make the holes perfectly straight. In fact, it may be a good idea to just bring the slats to a local
woodworker, who can very easily drill the holes for you. If you just pre-mark the slats, it would take them
literally five minutes. We can't imagine them charging you more than a few dollars (maybe even for free if
you're extra friendly!). Any woodworker owns a drill press, check your local yellow pages to find one.

Although you have to get the slats, we'll still provide:

  • Simple instructions on how to build your slats, including the materials list (preview below).
  • A marking template for the holes you need to drill in your slats.
  • The bit to drill the holes.
  • The screws to secure the slats to the loft bed.

Slats Materials List:  (This will also come with your loft bed.)

Standard or XL Twin Loft Bed
QTY: 9
SIZE: Dimensional 2 x 6 x 41 7/8 in.  (Actual: 1 ½ x 5 ½ x 41 7/8 in.)

Full Loft Bed
QTY: 9
SIZE: Dimensional 2 x 6 x 56 7/8 in. (Actual: 1 ½ x 5 ½ x 56 7/8 in.)

Queen Loft Bed
QTY: 9
SIZE: Dimensional 2 x 6 x 63 3/8 in. (Actual: 1 ½ x 5 ½ x 63 3/8 in.)

Important: Do NOT use pressure treated lumber for the slats. Pressure treated lumber contains
ARSENIC and is typically used for OUTDOOR applications.  You want CHEMICAL-FREE, UNFINISHED
LUMBER for your mattress slats. More information:
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More Details:
The slats are very easy to build and should cost you
about $25 in lumber. Then you'll need to cut them to
lumberyards can do the cutting for you (usually for

Once the material is cut to length, you'll just need to
drill pilot holes at each end of the slats. This can be
done with a hand drill, but ideally, you would want to
use a drill press (it's a stationary drill, usually mounted
You simply provide the mattress slats.
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