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"I did a lot of research before purchasing a loft bed for my daughter. Although there were lower priced loft
beds available I decided to purchase from you because it was very important to have a bed that is superior
in quality not just a low price. The other beds I saw were much inferior in construction, sturdiness and
overall appearance.
" - Regina from Miramar, FL
"This loft is rock solid.  I was moving into a spare room at a family members house and space was going to
be tight.  
I decided to go with your company because your lofts looked stable unlike some of the others I
 And I am very pleased with the product. The loft doesn't move even when I toss and turn." - Tanya from
Beverly Hills, MI
"100% satisfied.  Beautiful yet simple piece of furniture that instantly doubled the utility of my studio apartment.
Assembly was intuitive and quick.  
As sturdy, if not sturdier, than any other bed I've ever had--this thing is
obviously not going anywhere
... It's slept 2 full grown, active adults without any hint of a problem [Queen
All the research I did into the various beds out there said that this was the best loft bed on the
market, and since ordering I haven't seen any indication to the contrary.
MC Woodworks has this
customer's full, unqualified recommendation.  I love my bed!" -
Seth from Venice, CA
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"The bed is wonderful!  I read all of the testimonials and looked at all the photographs on your site, so I was
confident that we would be getting a quality product.  We had shopped locally and online before deciding on
bed from M.C. Woodworks, and I knew this was the bed that we wanted.  But now that it is in our
daughter's room, it is even better than we imagined.
 We finished it with tung oil, which really shows off the
natural beauty of the wood.  
The design is truly outstanding, with equal attention to structure and
aesthetics. Here is a brief example:
 When we unpacked the four posts, we noticed that one of them has a
rounded edge on one end.  We thought it might be a mistake*** since the other three all had straight edges
from top to bottom.  When we got to the part where we attached the front rail to the front posts, we suddenly
realized the rounded edge was at the ladder opening.  The rounded edge enhances both the function and
appearance—it is smooth for climbing in and out and is also pleasing aesthetically.
Amazing attention to
detail!  The bed is solid, safe, and beautiful.
 Thank you!" - Janelle from Jonesboro, AR ***MC - No, no
mistake on those rounded edges! That is purely by design and prevents scrapes while climbing in and out of
"A very solid bed and a breeze to put together. We had the height modified because of a low ceiling in our
condo, and everything came out perfect! Having a loft bed like that really opened up our bedroom, giving us
more storage options. The bed itself looks really nice as well. Dealing with Maurice was always easy and it
made the ordering process smooth and simple." - Mark from Honolulu, HI
"I researched and shopped around for months to find the perfect loft bed for our situation.  We were moving
the baby into our older son's room, and the only way to make them both fit in the room was to find a loft bed
so we could put our train table and other toys underneath it and still maintain some playspace in the room.

MC Woodworks offered a quality design, affordable price, and perfect solution for what we needed.  We
are thrilled with how sturdy and indestructible the bed is.
 Our son loves his new sleeping space, and
we're extremely happy with this purchase and how it worked out in the room." -
Laura from Beaverton, OR
"After yet another military move, we decided that loft beds were what we needed...I took to stores and the
internet trying to find what I felt would best serve our needs and be a quality product.
 I was fortunate to come
across this website and couldn't be more pleased regarding the quality and service we received. ...This
company delivered in sturdiness, quality of product, and great customer service.  What else is there?
" -
Jackie from Ft. Leavenworth, KS
"I told my friend if the quality of the product is as good as the customer service, I'll love this loft bed!  Well, it
is!  The packaging of the bed was outstanding!
 It took me about 30 minutes just to unwrap the pieces, and
they were all in perfect condition. ...The bed looks great, and my son absolutely loves it!  
My daughter is now
asking when she will get her princess loft bed!  You can be sure if she gets one, we'll be getting one from
 Thank you for your help before I ordered, and we are very pleased with the bed. ...I would highly
recommend this bed to anyone interested!
" - Lisa from Richmond, VA
"When my wife needed a home office space In our condo I started my search and found your products.  Just by
looking at your website I could tell they were the way to go and couldn't be happier.  Simple assembly,
quality lumber, and sturdy design are the best qualities of the product.  I have and would recommend this
product to anyone interested in purchasing a loft bed.
" - Cliff from Annapolis, MD
"All I can say is WOW!  I had read that these were sturdy, but this has to be the best quality piece of
furniture I own.  I was starting to think that real craftsmen didn’t exist anymore; that we had become a
nation of ‘throw away merchandise’.  Maurice Cheng has wiped away that suspicion.
You are a true artist,
a craftsman who can justifiably take pride in his work...Now for a few specific comments:  
1) Your
instructions are brilliant (simple and easy to follow), but then, it helps when your stuff is beautifully fit,
logically designed, and your hardware is quality,  2) your hardware is fantastic!  I am so used to easily
broken or dog-eared pot metal from some of the ‘bigger’ brand stores, that this was a HUGE deal to me,
3) I feel safe on the bed.  ABSOLUTELY safe.  I am completely confident that nothing is going to break,
work loose, or fail structurally,
...I have recommended this site to a couple friends of mine who have kids
and like me, were looking for a loft or bunk bed at the same places I was, to be as equally disappointed/
concerned about the quality of those beds.  For those who might like to know… I am an adult, who has gone
back to school, and is renting a small room near the campus, to keep costs down since I also own a house.  
I have always wanted a loft bed, but couldn’t ever justify it, but when my little room was starting to make me
claustrophobic and feel somewhat ‘transient’, I decided I had a reason.  I am SO glad I did.  Now I feel like a
real person again.  I can study in comfort now!  I am too old to be sleeping on the floor like I would have in
undergraduate school, and this makes me feel so much more comfortable in my room.  Thank you again!" -
Emily from Lexington Park, MD
"I was very impressed with the quality personal service I received. ... As far as the product itself, what you
see/read on the website is what you get.  
Very sturdy and solid, assembly is straightforward, just a great
bed!  I'm 100% satisfied and would recommend this product to anyone looking for a loft bed.
 It has allowed
me to create much needed space in my studio apartment." -
Marcello from San Francisco, CA
"Customer Service from Maurice was simply PHENOMENAL. ...Once it was unpacked, it was assembled
very quickly, very easily and with NO stress or confusion.
 ...the loft bed is so versatile it will ALWAYS have a
place in our home! I can’t wait for my very young boys to grow up enjoying the many configurations this bed is
certain to see and be a major component of!  We will likely buy another of these… a KING sized one… how fun."
Michelle from Kodiak, AK
MC Woodworks, LLC
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"I absolutely love the bed and so does my 5 year old son! The bed is totally safe and solid as a rock! I spent
about 6 months searching online for a loft bed and I couldn't find anything I really wanted. The beds I came
across were either too expensive for my budget or unattractive and poorly constructed.
Then I finally found
your website! After reading all your info, I knew that I finally found the perfect bed for my son. He is very rough
with things and has broken a lot of stuff in my home, so I knew I needed a bed that was very sturdy.
And now I
know that I have the sturdiest bed out there!
Thank you! I also want to thank you for adding that extra piece of
wood to attach my son's ship wheel to. It worked out perfectly! He loves to pretend his bed is a Pirate ship.
I will
definitely recommend your company to anyone who is looking for a loft bed! Along with a great product, you
give exceptional customer service. It was wonderful to do business with a company that really cares about
it's customers!
" - Pamela from Oak Forest, IL -
"I really love this loft bed.  Really, really, really.  It is very strong and well constructed.  I feel perfectly secure
five-plus feet above the ground!  The bed itself is beautiful too; the wood is a very nice quality and the
design is quite attractive as well as very sturdy.
 It makes my tiny studio both beautiful and much more
spacious.  Everyone who comes over raves about it.  And going to bed is so much fun now!  
I received unusually
excellent customer service from Maurice; this was an amazing purchasing experience.  I recommend this
company and its products whole-heartedly.
" - Maureen from Cambridge, MA -
"EXCELLENT.  I couldn't be more pleased with the attentiveness from Maurice Cheng.  He was fabulous and I
never felt rushed when I talked with him on the phone.  He was very exact on dimensions and very pleasant.  He
promptly responded to all our emails.
The bed is VERY sturdy.  I wouldn't be surprised if it lasted through the
winds of a Florida hurricane!"
- April from Sarasota, FL -
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