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"We were very impressed with the quality of the product.  The directions were wonderful – very well organized
and easy to follow.
My husband has put together many items over the years and said that this was by far the
most organized item he has ever assembled.
The bed looks great! The most important thing is that my son
absolutely loves his loft bed and I feel that he has a safe bed that
does not wobble like so many other ones we
looked at in stores
. I would definitely recommend this company." - Lynn from Verona, PA
"I thought the parts were very well made and pre-drilled making it very smart appearance. I will, and have told
many friends about this great product.
Thanks for doing all the leg work and making it easy to assemble. I
hope you a long and prosperous business." -
Andrew from Logan, UT
"I found the bed to be "double plus good" ( Ref.for the Sci-Fi fans out there) After reading all the info on the
I feel as if I received a product exactly as advertised, no surprises. Well crafted, sturdy, and fit
together perfectly. I'm sure you could build your own loft bed for less, but the extra money paid gets you a
beautiful, tested design that can be put up in a day. Well worth it!!!" - John from Woodside, NY
"The hardest thing about assembling this loft bed was unpacking it -- an unbelievable job of packaging!  My 10
year old daughter and I (Mom) completely assembled the bed while waiting around for Dad to free up some time
to help. The one piece of information that most of the testimonials left out was how the recipients finished the
wood. For the record, we wanted a natural look to the [Douglas Fir], which has
beautiful patterns in the grain.
Therefore, we rubbed 3 coats of Formby's Tung Oil Finish - Low Gloss onto all the boards, pre-assembly.  As
you can see from the photo, it really brought out the rich colors of the wood.
The construction is solid with no
movement at all in the joints back-and-forth or side-to-side.
" - Gregory from Park City, UT (written by "Mom")
"Fantastic!  Sturdy and attractive.  We purchased a full size loft for our tall 6-year-old son, knowing he'd have it
for a very long time.  For now, we've created a bunk bed of sorts, with his younger sister sleeping in a twin below.
My husband and I assembled it in a couple of hours -- having the power drill handy made it a breeze.  
Maurice, I
appreciate your attention to detail, your answers to my questions, and your communication around
construction and shipping.
 The wood looks and feels great (smells good too :).  We are very pleased -- thank
you!" -
Alicia from Reno, NV
"...the quality and stability of the bed is by far the most impressive I have seen. For the most part, we have
ordered all of our furniture from [a home furnishings store] and find they have a great product, but
I can say the
craftsmanship of this bed is far superior of that of [the home furnishing store's products]
. Thanks for the
prompt service, the great product and most of all a VERY HAPPY LITTLE BOY!!!" -
Mitsu from Buckeye, AZ
"My son had very specific ideas of what he wanted.  We made several modifications...ALL of which came out
EXACTLY as expected.
The finished loft bed is very sturdy.  Overall, we are both very pleased with the
process, design, and finished product.
" - Marc from Reno, NV
"Absolutely outstanding! I reviewed dozens of different products online and in stores and am so blown away
after ordering one of your CA King loft beds.  The mattress delivery guys were literally floored when they saw
it…and you know they see all types of products out there day in and day out, both homemade and store
purchased. Maurice provided timely email and expert assistance over the phone throughout the entire
ordering process.  He actually took time to sit down and review floorplan details with me, helping make sure
that I would get a product I was happy with.
 He likewise made sure the product specifications would exceed
anything expected from either of our rapidly growing sons. Assembling the bed made for a great family activity
last weekend, and we had the bed up in a couple of hours.  
Instructions were very clear and tools were
 We went with the 66” clearance option (I highly recommend if you have a vaulted ceiling) and extra
guardrails--the finished bed is solid!  
No wobble, no creaking. In buying this product we were taxed with trying to
find not only the best space solution to a small room, but also something that would allow some privacy for a
(curtained) second bed underneath.  The king size loft bed was ideal for both purposes—room to hold a bed and
more… While we won’t have pics of the finished project for some time, we wanted to say that you have helped a
couple of boys’ dreams come true. Thank you for Maurice!   :)" -
Robert from Mission Viejo, CA
"It’s all true! Don’t hesitate to order. And don’t be intimidated when your many bundles of wood arrive with a bag
of hardware and pages of instructions that look nothing like you expect. Just grab your ½-inch socket wrench and
your cordless drill with a philips head bit. By yourself, within a few hours, you too
will behold a well-designed,
well-constructed, solid and attractive loft bed. Comprehensive instructions. Excellent workmanship. All of
the lumber and pre-drilled holes aligned perfectly.
I assembled mine with great ease in the confines of a small
living room, over furniture! I also ordered the
headboard shelf, which is a well-matched and practical
The bed serves as a guest bed in my living room, currently accommodating my college-aged niece.
Thank you Maurice, I am a thoroughly satisfied customer. All I need to do now is decide what color to stain it!" -
Jennifer from San Francisco, CA
"I can't say enough wonderful things about your product!  I researched loft beds extensively and finally found
 I was looking for a full size loft bed that I could finish in my choice of stains but also wanted a sturdy bed
that looked great.  
I found everything I wanted at your store [website].  Your product is the best value and
also the best quality!
 Our bed turned out beautifully and I am confident my 6 year old son will enjoy this bed for
many years to come!  Thank you so much!" -
Julie from Kansas City, MO
"I was very impressed with how easy it was to put this bed together.  The materials used for the bed are of
very good quality, as is the workmanship.  Once this bed is put together it is extremely sturdy and doesn't
wiggle at all.
 I felt very comfortable climbing up on the bed, w/out the fear of it tipping over.  My son loves his
new bed, especially his new "fort" underneath.  The bed looks great in his room, and gives him plenty of floor
space now.
This was definitely a good investment and I would recommend MC Woodworks to anyone who
is looking to purchase a loft bed.
 Thank you - we love it!" - Misty from Bangor, MN
"After researching the web, ebay and local furniture stores extensively for the last 2 months, I’m convinced
that you offer the highest quality, best priced, best designed loft bed on the market.
Thank you for taking the
time to answer all my questions over the phone when I was ready to place my order. My son is so excited about
his new “room makeover.” I love that this bed it low enough for him to sleep in comfortably, yet high enough to
enjoy the space below for years to come as he grows.
My husband didn’t have any trouble following the
detailed instructions you provided and set the bed up quickly.
Thank you again for an awesome product.
Your work is a blessing…" -
Allison from Mooresville, NC
"After searching the net for a bunk or loft and finding absolutely nothing I stumbled upon your website. I knew
immediately that I had found what I wanted.
When the package[s] arrived and I pulled the first piece of wood out
I  marveled at the details and craftsmanship. My wife agreed that we had made a wonderful decision
purchasing from MC Woodworks.
Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful and safe product. We all
love it!" -
Adam from Greenwood, IN
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"Maurice of MC Woodworks was helpful, friendly, prompt and efficient, answering every question I had
immediately and accommodating all of my needs.
The product is incredibly high quality. The instructions were
detailed and clear, and it was easy and fast to build the bed... This the most sturdy and solid loft bed I've ever
seen, and I've seen a lot of them.
It's more like adding a second floor to my apartment than just a bed. I can't
speak highly enough of the personalized and helpful service that I received.
My friends all want beds just like
- Sonia from San Francisco, CA -
"I genuinely love my new queen loft bed; it has enabled me to get double use out of the space in a small
bedroom.  Plus, I’ll admit it, having a bed high-up is just fun and cool.  
It really is as rock-solid as the
testimonials indicate; sitting in my recliner in the reclaimed space under the bed, I feel like if an earthquake
collapsed the house the bed would hold it up.
 I was impressed by the detailed instructions with photos.  I was
also impressed with the extra-ordinarily good packing job for the parts. I’m already recommending this bed to
friends (and showing it off whenever I get the chance), and will probably get a second bed for my son."
from Seattle, WA -
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